We Say What You Mean.

High-Profile Executive Messages

We Say What You Mean

When we refer to high-profile executive messages we primarily mean the following:

  • Books & Book Proposals
  • Speeches & Presentation Scripts
  • Articles, Guest Columns, Blogs & Op-Eds
  • Letters/Messages from the Dean/Chair/President

Other high-impact communications include:

  • Executive Profiles, Company Histories & Corporate Shows
  • White Papers & Case Studies
  • Executive Reports & Summaries
  • Shareholder & Employee Communications
  • Media Messages

Speechwriting is relationship-based.

Randy MilgromYou'd like to write your own speech - perhaps you've already tried it - but you know how difficult it is to write precisely what you mean to say and make it sound just right. Or maybe you just don't have the time or inclination. But as a public speaker, your comfort level is paramount. A speechwriter needs to know not just your message but your mindset. He needs to have you saying things you'd actually say.  

I prefer to spend as much time with clients as practicable before I write even a single word. I like to get to know them - their sensibilities; their speech patterns; their sense of humor - so I can write something they're comfortable saying. Something they'd wanted to say but never said before. That's the challenge and the joy of it.