We Say What You Mean.

Communications Strategy & Advice

As businesses demand more work from smaller staffs, MilWrite eases the burden by:

  • developing new strategies for human resource development firms and departments;
  • creating leadership, teamwork, and other materials for organizational consultants; and
  • devising training and development programs for corporate clients.

Writing ServicesMilWrite works with media research firms to prepare internet-monitoring reports that assess branding issues and online media presence – and with public relations firms to devise strategies to manage those messages. We also work directly with clients or through their full-service agencies to produce brochures, newsletters, and other clear and compelling marketing communications for a wide range of audiences.

  • Business Executives & Industry Leaders who are on the lecture circuit, or who regularly transmit company information to employees and the public, seek out MilWrite for a fresh set of eyes and ears to co- and ghost-write speeches, presentations, and other sensitive corporate and media messages.
  • Academics who publish in academic circles need advice about commercial publishers, book proposals, and communications with agents and editors. MilWrite also consults with university presidents, professors, deans, and department heads to collaborate on speeches or to draft important messages for annual reports and other regular communications.
  • Coaches – those in the sports trenches or providing business advice to executives – mentor competitive people. A MilWrite-inspired speech or presentation can make a difference in a team’s conduct or a business leader’s effectiveness.
  • Organizational Consultants deal with issues ranging from employee training and development to organizational culture and executive leadership. Blogging about your ideas and methods is one thing, but a full-length book – edited by or co-written with MilWrite – is still the 21st Century Calling Card that sets you apart from your competition.