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Case Studies

What We Mean To You

MilWrite attracts a broad range of clients involved in a variety of industries. Here are some representative projects and a description of what we've helped our clients accomplish.

The Albert Kahn Family of Companies

When this venerable architecture, engineering, planning, design and management firm endeavored to emphasize its current expertise while continuing to embrace its storied history, it hired a top-notch branding and corporate identity firm to help it re-position itself within the architecture, engineering and construction arenas. But to help it tell its story, and to change the way it talked about itself (not only with clients but among themselves), it turned to MilWrite. Our writer-consultants met with all 16 members of the Kahn Leadership Team to help turn their their seemingly ordinary, fact-based biographies into informative and entertaining magazine-style profile pieces — with three customized versions for use on its web site, in bid proposals, and in other corporate literature. And since Kahn knows its success with clients is based on the relationships it cultivates, its marketing department asked our writer-consultants to interview key Kahn employees — along with their client counterparts — about nearly 30 high-profile projects. The result was a series of compelling case studies that not only describe Kahn's close client associations but also the reasons why those clients depend on Kahn to be their trusted advisor.

Books and Book Proposals

For nearly two decades Randy Milgrom has advised nearly two score aspiring authors who've attempted to turn book concepts into outlines, outlines into proposals, and proposals, ultimately, into published books. Many of these projects involve organizational development and other business consultants whose cultivated theories and practices can only be given fair and full hearing in book-length expression, while others comprise the combined wisdom and experience of business executives, academics, and coaches. Some clients follow a MilWrite-devised two-track approach that simultaneously facilitates third-party and self-publishing options while others pursue only third-party publishing.

Henry Ford Health Systems

The Henry Ford Heart & Vascular Institute is a pioneer in cardiac medicine. When its public profile among prospective donors needed a boost, MilWrite consulted with surgeons, cardiologists, and scientists to ensure the accuracy of technical information and we wrote a 16-page brochure explaining the Institute's work. We met frequently with the marketing staff, and upon publication the Institute's director was pleased not only with the brochure but also with the way we worked together to create a style and tone suitable for the Institute's mission.

Human Synergistics International

This human resources and training firm's reputation was assured nearly four decades ago with its ground-breaking Survival Simulations team-building tools. When they sought to add a new "Sea Survival" simulation to its product line, the company turned to MilWrite. After researching survival techniques and meeting with survival experts, we composed the new simulation's primary components. Then we huddled with organizational consultants and other key employees to draft the leader's informational guide, which also functions as an entertaining presentation script.

Integrity Rehab Services

MilWrite has for a number of years worked closely with the executive team of this Southeast Michigan-based physical, occupational, and speech therapy company. Our writer-consultants  not only assist in the development of the company's regular online communications but we also help write and edit portions of its quarterly intra-company newsletter. We've also worked with Integrity's President to co- and ghost-write articles in industry trade publications and with other executives on portions of the company's annual report as well as other high-profile communications as needed.

LaFontaine Automotive Group

This progressive, family-run automotive group owns and operates numerous automotive dealerships throughout the State of Michigan — including the first "green" General Motors dealership and the first sustainably built, LEED-certified dealership in Michigan. While this flagship dealership was still under construction in early 2008, LaFontaine and Bloom General Contracting, the building's construction contractor, hired MilWrite to develop a media and public relations campaign for this landmark occasion. The press releases issued by MilWrite writer-consultants over the course of several months resulted in more than 30 local and national newspaper and magazine stories and an uncountable number of ancillary web postings. MilWrite also created marketing mailers and brochures, devised an on-site Informational Wall that qualified for LEED educational points, and assisted in the publicity campaign for a Grand Opening event that featured numerous politicians, GM executives, and other dignitaries and accommodated nearly 5,000 guests.

Lear Corporation

The Metals & Mechanisms Division of the giant automotive supplier was experiencing difficulties coordinating purchases among its stamping and assembly plants because each plant was using a different set of purchasing specifications. A MilWrite writer-consultant surveyed all materials in use, identified discrepancies among them, and held a series of meetings to hammer out differences among plant personnel. These agreements were collected, organized, and memorialized in a new Tool & Equipment Specifications Manual to be used at all of Lear's North American locations. This new manual worked so well that less than six months later the director of a different division asked us to do the same for them.

OD Network

MilWrite writer-consultants worked side-by-side with Keystone Media, which developed and oversaw the integrated marketing campaign (IMC) for the OD Network and its National Conference. Randy Milgrom of MilWrite worked closely each month with OD Network's Executive Director to help him write a professional yet still very personal and heartfelt letter addressed to the association's members, and Randy wrote or edited portions of the association's monthly newsletter. MilWrite writer-consultants also consulted with OD Network's executive team to provide and update content for brochures, catalogues, and other related materials for its annual world-wide association conferences.

Southeast Michigan Health and Hospital Council

The Southeast Michigan Health and Hospital Council, anxious about devastating cuts in Medicare and Medicaid funding, asked for help with a public education campaign. MilWrite met with some three dozen front-line health-care workers at hospitals across the metropolitan Detroit area, gathering their accounts of the funding cuts' effects on patient well-being. Then we turned their stories into true-to-life narratives. The result was a compelling series used by the Council to present critically important messages to media and policy-makers.


The success of a particular fine dining establishment was predicated not only on the preparation of the finest and freshest seafood but also on the delivery of first-rate service. The employee handbook instructed its staff that "The Customer is Number One," but it gave no real insight into how to make their diners feel special. A MilWrite writer-consultant accompanied a StoryWork™ consultant to a series of sessions to elicit stories from employees about the everyday acts of kindness and special favors granted to customers, and these stories - written by a MilWrite writer and prepared by StoryWork™ - were bound in a new book. The old handbook, which employees barely opened, was replaced by the new storybook, which new employees read from cover to cover.


TransWeb is a nonprofit educational web site (www.transweb.org) that serves as a comprehensive resource for the organ donation and transplantation community, which includes not only transplant patients and their families but also students, teachers, health care professionals, and the media. The site webcasts both the U.S. and World Transplant Games - Olympic-style contests among transplant recipients to raise awareness about organ donation and transplantation and to celebrate the lives of its participants. A MilWrite writer served as a reporter at the U.S. and World Transplant Games from 2000 through 2006, and the stories he filed while covering these inspiring events can be readily found at the TransWeb site.

University of Michigan

For nearly two decades MilWrite writer-consultants have worked on numerous projects for various colleges, departments, and divisions at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. These include the drafting of advertising and marketing materials for Biomedical Communications, which has since merged with Michigan Marketing & Design; Annual Reports and other regular communications for the Internal Medicine Department of the University of Michigan Health System; and various writing projects for the Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the College of Engineering, University Human Resources, and Plant Operations.

William Beaumont Hospital

Human Resources administrators at this large suburban Detroit hospital turned to MilWrite writer-consultants to help them update the hospital's New Employee Orientation Program and determine its new direction. We sat in on orientation sessions and held meetings with trainers and presenters. Then we re-tooled not only the curriculum but also the entire orientation presentation. We introduced skits, role-playing, and simulations to enliven the atmosphere and to make learning about the hospital a participatory event. We also drafted a presentation script for the new program's facilitators, and assisted in its implementation.