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Michigan chooses…Rick Snida?

2010 October 26
by Randy H. Milgrom

Have you seen – or I should say heard – the latest “Rick Snyder for Governor” television commercial? The Ann Arbor venture capitalist’s campaign tagline is “Rick for Michigan,” and the commercial offers a straightforward message: Snyder is the best man to turn this troubled state around. As puppies romp in slow-motion and young children throw and catch and hit a baseball, a deep voice intones: “Michigan…[has]… one chance to move forward; one chance to be great again…with Rick Snyder.” Later, the voice-over rumbles: “We choose new. We choose Michigan!” And in an unmistakable New York accent, the announcer concludes: “Michigan chooses…Rick Snida.” The commercial’s all about Michigan and the narrator’s from the Bronx!

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