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2012 October 26
by Randy H. Milgrom

At the end of an interview recently granted to Rolling Stone contributing writer Douglas Brinkley, President Obama off-handedly referred to Governor Romney as a “bullshitter.”

Given the nature and state of the Twittersphere — and the rest of the raging Internet — the remark did not go unnoticed. There was a decent amount of complaint by Republicans, and fulmination among the farther-right, but it didn’t even trend on Twitter, nor did it pick up much steam elsewhere. One could almost feel the collective shrug. That, after all, is what the president has been going around saying about Romney on the stump in nearly every swing state these last couple of weeks. He’s been saying that what “salesman” Mitt Romney has been selling is “kind of a sketchy deal.” The language printed in Rolling Stone was more blunt, but only to a degree.

At least as interesting as the relative lack of online interest is that neither Romney, nor his campaign, have officially objected — or even responded in any direct way — to the Presiden’t assertion. While many a right-wing (and even a few left-wing) pundits have objected to Obama’s use of the term, the closest I’ve come to finding an “official” Romney campaign response was the following in

“The Romney campaign says it’s the president who has broken promises.”

But that’s not the same thing, is it? Obama’s not accusing Romney of breaking promises. He’s accusing him of lying. Many of us find we’re unable to keep our promises — sometimes through no fault of our own. When you lie, it’s always your fault. President Obama would have liked to have kept all of his promises — who wouldn’t? — and he even admits he hasn’t been able to do so. So the Romney rejoinder is not only a non-sequitor, it’s old news — if it’s news at all.

Why hasn’t Romney pushed back harder against against Obama’s disrespectful slam? If someone called me a bullshitter, I’d fight back. I’d demand an apology. Unless, of course, I knew it was true.

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