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Know What You’re Talking About

2011 May 18
by Randy H. Milgrom

          All that New York Times reporter Mark Bittman knew about Detroit was what he had heard and read. And none of it was good. But then he visited:

          So there’s a simple communications lesson here, right? Do your own homework. Never base your opinions on what others say or write. First-hand knowledge is the best evidence. Had Bittman visited Detroit and arrived at the same negative conclusions, I would have been disappointed but I wouldn’t have had much ammunition for rebuttal. When someone bad-mouths Detroit, I simply ask, “Have you been there?” — or, perhaps more importantly, “have you been there lately?”

          As Bittman discovered, the city is not continuing its downward slide. It is on its way up — if the will and passion and inventiveness of its citizens are any indication. And seeing for yourself  is believing.

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