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Is Sheen Winning?

2011 March 7
by Randy H. Milgrom

          I don’t care about this. But everybody’s talking about it so I have to care at least enough to weigh in with some sort of opinion when it invariably comes up as a topic of discussion at the office, on the street, or over a cocktail. (Plus it does technically fall within the Message Delivery Analysis parameters of the MilWrite Blog.)

          Charlie says he’s winning but it’s difficult to know if this is true without knowing which game he’s playing. The initial rant that gained him such acclaim did not appear to be premeditated, whereas all of those that followed have lacked the same spontaneity. His success, therefore, in winning the attention if not the admiration of the media-consuming public, was inadvertent. But his act still has legs, and if all he seeks is airtime then his rants have been effective. But he seems to want more. He wants money, certainly. He says he no longer wants drugs but he still wants women — and more than one at a time. But doesn’t he also want respect? He denies this, but he’s human so he must. No one yearns to be shunned.

          We’ll see how long this lasts before he finally bores — or disgusts — his audience. In the meantime, I may as well try, along with so many others, to win some portion of Sheen’s expanding exposure by tagging this post with today’s most effective internet traffic magnets: Charlie Sheen, Winning.

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