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Welcome — and Vote

2010 October 11
by Randy H. Milgrom
Welcome to It Is What It Is — Or Is It? My name is Randy Milgrom, and I’ll be your host and moderator.
          This Blog examines news from the realms of business, politics, sports, and culture. It asks — if not always answers — at least two questions: What message is intended? And what message is received? It may occasionally stray from these strictures, but it will never waver from its mission: message delivery analysis.
          I have stockpiled a number of posts as this site has been under construction, so for the next several weeks I will intersperse those slightly older items with more current topics. In the meantime, I’d like to discuss something that has yet to occur: Election Day 2010.
          Pundits have since January 2010 been referring to the federal elections to be held on Tuesday, November 2, 2010, as “off-year” elections. It’s what they’ve always been called, but why must this be so? We’re holding the elections; why aren’t they “on?” The conventional wisdom is that citizens must be cajoled into voting in non-Presidential Election Years, so it must be true — at least to the extent that it’s been true in the past. Or is this merely a self-fulfilling prophecy? Are we really less motivated to vote this year than we were two years ago, or have we just been told (and therefore believe) that we are? It doesn’t make a difference to me that the ballot lacks a Presidential contest. If you’re paying attention, and you care to vote at all, not only does every vote count but every election counts. Every one. City, state, and federal.
          I’m not persuading, I’m just reminding. Prove me right. Go out and vote.
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